Blueberry Surprise!

The other day I was digging around in my freezer searching for a bag of edamame beans and came across a bag of blueberries.  I was so excited!!!  It was like Christmas….except for the fact that no one has ever given me a bag of frozen blueberries for Christmas, but you know what I mean!  This past Summer while at my Mom’s house we went blueberry picking in her backyard!!  My Mom, brother and I loaded up on the insect repellent and headed into the woods.  We ended up with so many blueberries I didn’t know what to do with them.  My daughter had not yet been introduced to solid food so I knew I wanted to freeze some for her……And apparently I forgot about them…..But it’s never too late for blueberries.

Here is an Un-Recipe for blueberries with cottage cheese.  It’s simple and it’s pretty, so I’m sharing it!

First, place the frozen blueberries in a small colander

Give them a little shower so they thaw quickly

Cottage Cheese Meet Blueberry, Blueberry Meet Cottage Cheese

For my 11 month old daughter, I blended the blueberries in the Magic Bullet…love that little machine!

Blueberry Puree with Cottage Cheese


I hardly had time to take another picture because my little girl loved it so much!

Jane at This Week for Dinner inspired me to post this un-recipe.

I like to wash berries before freezing them, that way I don’t have to worry about washing them later….sometimes I bake with frozen berries and there is no time for washing.  Here are the steps I took to freeze the fresh blueberries:

  • Remove all stems and wash the berries
  • Transfer to a cooling rack and allow to dry completely
  • Line a cookie sheet or large dish with a clean kitchen towel and place the berries on top
  • Move the berry party to the freezer and allow to freeze, then transfer to a zip top bag, label and done!


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  1. Hi Whitney,
    I’m try to whip up some fruit smoothies for my 11 month old (well, she’s almost 11 months!). How did the cottage cheese sit in your little girl?

    • Whitney

      She loves cottage cheese and we haven’t had any issues with diary. Plain whole fat yogurt is also great for the little ones.

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