Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks

The gifts from my kitchen just keep coming!  Today we have an over-the-top hot-chocolate stir stick!  Warning – sugar rush ahead!!!

There is absolutely nothing healthy about this and this involves packaged foods which I am opposed to BUT, well…ya know, it’s a holiday and we all have our weaknesses!  Don’t judge!  Pour yourself some hidden veggie Hot Chocolate and join me!

Let me start by saying that if all the holiday hustle and bustle has you down, or if you’re overwhelmed with gift wrapping and gift buying and that chick that stole your parking place at the mall……then this is going to be a wonderful project!  Go get your meat mallet and a candy cane and take out some aggression!!

Feel better?  Good, let’s talk about chocolate!  These hot-chocolate stir sticks are a tasty treat with hot chocolate or cappuccino.  It’s pretty basic and can be changed up based on your favorite flavors.  You can use candy canes or mint chocolate sticks, dip the chocolate covered marshmallows in crushed candy canes, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, crushed peanuts…

Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks

  • Chocolate for melting – I prefer dark
  • Giant Marshmallows
  • Candy Canes or Chocolate Mint Sticks
  • Sprinkles

Melt the chocolate.  I prefer a double boiler but you can melt chocolate in the microwave — just be very careful not to burn it!  

Introduce a giant marshmallow to a mint chocolate stick….

Introduce the marshmallow to the melted chocolate…

Introduce the chocolate covered marshmallow to some sprinkles…

Let this sit on parchment paper until the chocolate is set.

I just can’t get enough of these little goodies.  They are almost too cute to eat – but you actually just let them melt away into your hot chocolate and it’s so exciting!!!

Wrap these treats up with a recipe for Hot Chocolate and this is a wonderful little gift.



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  1. these are totally adorable!! good idea!

  2. What a great idea ! I love it !

  3. These are brilliant – genius!!! Everybody needs to make these.

  4. These are super cute! I love the idea, makes a perfect gift! Congrats on the Top 9!

  5. Glenna

    What did your note say? Did you give a hot cocoa recipe for melting the stick in? Thank you, G

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  7. Sandra

    I’m making these today…what a perfect and unique token gift. Thanks for sharing.

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