Happy Happy Birthday!

Is it possible?  Can it be?  Surely not?  Already…..Miss Ava is 2 years old!!!! 

Well, it has happened.  It’s official; my little girl is 2 years old.  She has a huge vocabulary, she likes to sing, reads like crazy, splashes in the tub and has her own opinion!  She especially had an opinion about her birthday party theme……ELMO!  Thanks to Pinterest I found tons of great ideas for a wonderful Elmo Party!

To start off, as guests arrived they saw right away the footprints of big bird, elmo and cookie monster leading into the door.  Oh boy!

And using tissue paper and construction paper I made these adorable pom pom things.  These are now on the living room floor and Ava loves playing with them!  It’s always the unexpected things that provide such fascination for wee tots.

We had a Count with the Count Game Board.

Oscar’s Trash Toss.

Pin the Nose on Elmo.

Goodies for all the Little Guests.

Oh and of course, FOOD!!

A Rainbow Fruit Plate – Miss Ava loves her fruit!

Veggie Sticks with a bit of Dip.

And what’s a party without a Cheese Plate!

I broke my no-food-coloring rule just for the birthday party and made cookies with colored icing!  They were so cute, so tasty and all gone by the end of the party!!

And of course CAKE!  This recipe is incredible!!!

Miss Ava was so lucky because Elmo heard that it was her Birthday and made a special trip to stop by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA!



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  1. Thanuja

    Awesome work Whitney! What did you do for frosting this year?

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  3. Dedra Holloway

    Hi I’m planning on having my sweet Ava a 2nd elmo party and was just wondering where you got the street sign at. I loved your ideas they were awesome!

    • Whitney

      Thank you so much! I actually just googled Sesame Street Sign Template. Imported the image and did some creative work. I think I was able to do it in Publisher. Wiping out the existing text and adding my own personalized text. I also some pictures on pinterest where people cut out the sign and letters from construction paper and glued it all together. I hope that helps!

  4. ashley waibel

    How did you make the tissue poms???

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  6. Shalaine

    This is absolutely amazing! My son is having an Elmo party in September and I plan to use all of these ideas. Thanks so much!

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