It’s Potty Time!

Okay, so the main reason that I haven’t posted much lately is because we went to Spain.   The other reason is because it’s potty training time!!!!  Can I just tell you that I thought giving birth was messy, then I thought changing a newborn’s diaper was messy but none of that comes close to potty training a toddler!  Thank you Bounty paper towels, sorry Planet Earth!  Alright, I’ll spare you the details, but I will tell you I did lots and lots and lots of research on the glorious, fantastic subject of potty training.  I thought for sure giving Ava a sticker every time she went potty would be so exciting.  Well, that lasted for about a day.  Then we turned to pink snacks….dum dum dum!

Pink snack is the name that Ava gave to Yogurt Melts.  There are several different brands of yogurt melts – Gerber, Happy Baby, Plum Organics, etc.  I usually only purchased these types of “food items” if we were going on an airplane, long car ride, long stroller ride, etc.  Ava loves these and I quickly decided that this would be the motivation she needs to do her business.  IT WORKS!!!  It actually worked so well that I don’t like how often and how many of these Pink Snacks she’s eating.  So, I made my own.  It’s so easy and I let Miss Ava help!

Strawberry Yogurt Bites

A.K.A. Pink Snack

  • 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt
  • 3 Large Strawberries, pureed

Simply stir together the yogurt and pureed strawberries until smooth.  Place inside a piping bag or a zip top bag with one corner cut open.  Pipe the yogurt mixture onto wax or parchment paper and freeze.  Once frozen transfer to a container and enjoy!

Greek Yogurt

Pureed Strawberries.  You can use any kind of berry you want.  Bananas would even be tasty.

Stir it together.

Fill a piping bag.

Squeeze out onto parchment paper.  I placed the parchment paper on a small rack that would fit inside my freezer so it would be easy to transfer.


Enjoy!  This is one of those treats that can satisfy all ages.  It’s a perfect little nummy num when you just need something.  You know what I mean!  Plus your pants will thank you for munching on this rather than potato chips!


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  1. revi

    these look easy.
    i think our daughters are about the same age, and we are also potty training. she is already going to the potty for #1, but still has a hard time going #2. she asks for a diaper. anyways, i’m going to make these and see if they work. thanks.

    • Whitney

      Good luck! It’s such a huge project!! We had some setbacks while we were out of town but I’m really excited for the day when we have no more diapers in the house! :)

  2. Linda

    Great idea! Once frozen, do this little tasties need to be kept in the freezer, fridge or in the cupboard in a ziploc? Just wondering if they are like the ‘freeze dried’ store bought ones…

    • Whitney

      Yes, they need to stay in the freezer. They will start to “melt” at room temperature, still tasty but messy! :) I keep them in a freezer bag in the freezer.

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