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As you know I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Spain.  We stayed in Madrid for a few days, took a train to Barcelona where we played and ate for a few more days, then we drove out to the country…a little slice of heaven!  I’m going to share some pictures from a tapas tour in Madrid.

First up is the ham.  It’s serious business in Spain.  The best ham comes from pigs that eat only acorns…..okay, I’m sorry to my vegetarian and vegan readers.  But it would be wrong to travel all the way to Spain and NOT partake in this incredible culinary treat!  This is a must!

The next tapa is also an essential “must try” in Spain.  Manchego Cheese.  It’s strong, full of flavor and delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

And then there is this……. at almost every restaurant we could easily get a baguette with garlic rubbed on the bread and fresh tomato scraped right onto the crispy bread.  Seriously tasty and so easy!!

Next up is what I would call “Bar Food”….something fried!  I don’t eat much fried food so when I do, you better believe it’s going to be good!  Croquettes are fried little goodies typically filled with ham and we even saw a lot of potato croquettes.

Fish and olives, fish and olives, fish and olives……everywhere we went we saw fish and olives!  This dish is dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic!

An essential part of any proper tapas tour is wine!  Oh my, the wine!  Yes, we had cava, we had vino rojo, we had vino blanco, but the newest most exciting wine was Txakoli.  This is a white wine that seemed to be on the verge of sparkling wine, it was sweet but not too sweet.  It was perfect!  Cheers!

After that we became a bit more brave!  Next up is this little guy.  Okay, I know it’s a terribly fuzzy picture but you’ll get the idea…..it’s a baby eel!  So sad, right?  Weird, I’m not sure but here goes Chad and my brother!  Gulp!

After that we had enough!  Well, that was until someone mentioned chocolate!  Okay, that someone was me and I’m glad I did!  In the midst of our tapas tour, I remembered previously reading something about chocolate and churros.  Churro is a Spanish doughnut….I know, I know, more fried food!  Geesh!  Don’t look at me like that!

This is how it starts out….piping hot churros and the most incredible smelling cup of chocolate sitting on a table in front of you….just waiting.

Yep, that’s happening!

Uh huh.  Yes, please!

And this is how it ends.  Chocolate dripping down the cup, it’s on your hands, it’s on your face, it’s on your shirt and it’s brilliant and fantastic!

Bravo Spain!  Cheers to a fantastic Tapas Tour!


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  1. Thanuja

    The food looks delicious! Where was Miss Eva? :)

  2. Thx for connecting with me on foodbuzz. I just subscribed to your blog feed and can’t wait to see what your next post will be!

  3. Looks fabulous. Our last big vacation was to Spain before I had my first daughter and it was a great trip. The tapas in Madrid were a highlight and this post takes me back!!! Thanks for sharing.

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