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It’s the Back-To-School Season!  Okay, BIG NEWS!  Miss Ava is starting PreSchool!!!  We are so excited!  We let her pick out her backpack, her first day of school outfit and even new shoes!  I don’t know what new shoes have to do with preschool but we were just excited!  And, yep, just realized as I’m typing this that I’m already getting my little girl hooked on the excitement of new shoes for new occasions.  Well, sometimes it’s just necessary   Right?

Anywho…I’ve been seeing a lot of “School Lunch” recipes and pictures and I want to share some of my favorite with you.

Even though I’m not yet to the phase of life of packing a child’s lunchbox everyday because Ava is only going to half-day preschool, I still want to share these ideas.  Okay, yes and I want to have these for future reference too!  Whether you have a 5 year old starting school or you just pack lunch for yourself or your partner the basics still apply here.  You put good food in your body and you will have a good result!  Happy Food = Happy People!

Even though you didn’t ask I’m going to give you my opinion on a few things…

  • Keep it fresh – I’m talking real food here.  A peach in a lunchbox is much better than a can of peaches in that funky juice syrup stuff.  And did you see this?  There was a recall on packaged sliced apples.  Just buy your kid an apple and wash it.
  • Limit the deli meats – these can be oh so tasty but yet oh so loaded with nitrates and that is not oh so good for you!  You are better off to roast a chicken (or even buy one already roasted) and thinly slice it for sandwiches
  • Skip the chips and pack a carrot.
  • Skip the sweets and pack a strawberry.
  • Water, water, water – please no juice or soda.  There is just no point.

Here are some great ideas and recipes!

Adorable Mini Fruit Kabobs from

 Nut Butter and Strawberry Tortilla Sandwiches from yours truly!

Check out this great lunch with bread and fruit kabobs, veggies and sunflower seeds. From

Cheesy Quinoa Bites from

This is so simple and so colorful.  Fruit, little veg, a few crackers and some cottage cheese.  From

Protein and Energy Oat Goodies from

Mint Chocolate Smoothie – make the night before and freeze – by the lunch hour it will have thawed enough to slurp up and enjoy! From

Love the simplicity of this and who doesn’t love a special note during the day! From 

Check out this link from Redbook for the Top 5 Worst Lunch Foods for Kids.

Wishing you all a Happy New School Year!


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the lunch notes! I really appreciate it. Off to check the other fun ideas you shared too!

  2. Oh how cute! Awesome ideas! I would have eaten everything in my lunch box had it been filled with all of that goodness.

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