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Can we talk about something that happened a couple months ago?

Miss Ava started preschool!!!!!

I can hardly believe it!  My baby has turned into a real girl!  She loves preschool and is learning so much.  She has an adorable backpack that always comes home full of papers and projects.  Lots and lots and lots of paper!  Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at all her papers and pictures.  But sometimes I start to panic when there is so much STUFF all over the house.

You parents of little kids know what I’m talking about!  Papers, shoes, dolls, books, dress-up hats, a colander she thinks is a toy, one sock on the couch and the other sock on the kitchen floor…and all of this happens within 30 minutes of being home from preschool!  Whew!

Well, I had to put a stop to all the papers and give them a home.  I think everything and everybody needs a home and should be in their home by the end of the day.  That includes you, preschool paper!

Of course, I scoured Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for displaying her artwork.  There were some great ideas but nothing really grabbed me.  So I got a good ole cork board with a nice black frame and gave it a home in our laundry room.  This room gets a lot of traffic and we are in there every single day!  I couldn’t bring myself to get regular old push pins and punch holes in all of her masterpieces   So I got a little creative with some mini clothes pins.



  • mini clothespins
  • mini tacks
  • super glue
  • paint

Simply paint the clothespins and allow to dry.  Then use super glue to adhere the mini tacks to the back of the clothespin.  Tada!

The clothespins are great because I can hang all different shapes and sizes of projects on the board.  Miss Ava loves picking out a picture to hang on the board.  Right next to the board is a nice file box where we are storing all of the pictures after they have had their moment in the spotlight!

For another great project check out the Toddler Scribble Art Project!


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