Strawberry Santa Hats

Miss Ava had her Pre-school Christmas Party and I got to bring the treats!  I can’t tell you how exciting that is for me!  I knew I wanted something that involved a fruit or a vegetable and cute for Christmas.  So thanks to Pinterest, Strawberry Santa Hats it is!  And they were a hit with the kids!

I wasn’t planning on posting this because it’s not really a recipe.  I hardly had a chance to take a picture and with the chaos of the holidays, I just didn’t think there was time.  BUT when I posted a picture on my Facebook page, I got such a huge response that I decided I could squeeze in some time to share it with everyone!

Strawberry Santa Hats

Wash and thoroughly dry the strawberries.  Slice the bottom of the berry so that it can sit flat.  Prepare the frosting and pipe a small amount onto the bottom of the strawberry, then place it on top of the Chocolate Graham Cracker.  Use a small round tip to pipe a little more frosting on top of the berry to finish the Santa Hat.

Note: you could probably use any frosting recipe that you like, but this recipe gets nice and hard after it sits in the refrigerator.  I had these in the fridge for about an hour before the party and they held up great and the berries didn’t slide around…even when Ava decided it was snack time and grabbed the entire container!

Merry Christmas!



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