Miss Ava’s Big Girl Bedroom

Back in February, Miss Ava made the move to her new big girl bedroom!  Big bed, curtains, a big closet and more room for books and toys, oh boy!!

My mom watched Ava for a long weekend and my husband and I spent the entire time cleaning out the lower level of our house and finishing Ava’s big girl bedroom.  It was such a fun project and Ava loves her room!  It was worth all the effort!

First up is the bed.  Okay, this might seem like a giant bed for a 3-year-old, but we already had a perfectly good queen-size bed and I’m not going to go out to buy a toddler bed.  So we took the frame off of it and it’s sitting sideways against the wall.  She sleeps right in the middle and it’s great!  Believe it or not those adorable lamps came from Hobby Lobby!  Who knew!?!  And the bedding came from my all time favorite, Land of Nod.  Except the square pillows are a little DIY project.

 The artwork hanging over the bed are framed book covers from some of Ava’s favorite books.  She has never liked the paper book covers and this was such a fun project.

 I scoured the internet looking for the perfect bookcase/storage case for her room and I never found the right piece.  Well, alright, I found a few but they were a wee bit out of the budget.  So it was time to pull out the bookshelves from college and let Chadman sand and paint them for his little girl.  The little storage bins are perfect.  The doll house used to be her bookshelf in her old room and now it is loaded with dolls and goodies!

We had one random wall that we couldn’t decide what to do with and I love these cubes that are attached to the wall.  Ava can reach the bottom 4 cubes and the top 2 are filled with more delicate items.

   There is a giant window in Ava’s room and when it’s time for lights out, these curtains were a must!!  I bought the fabric for cheap cheap cheap at Joann’s the day after Thanksgiving and sewed blackout lining to the back.   I have decided the blackout curtains are essential for baby and toddler rooms!

I hope you enjoy!  Maybe I’ll post some pictures of the nursery for this new baby….if I ever finish it!

In other news, make sure to check out AllFreeKidCrafts, they have featured me as a Craft Designer!




  1. Fabulous “big girl” room with so many creative and cost-effective choices. It looks perfect for Princess Ava. Yay!

  2. Thanuja

    Did Ava turn 3 yet? She’s a few months older than my little girl so I remembered! :-)

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