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Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream (Dairy Free)

SLOW DOWN!!!!  Time is going too fast!  I remember being in the 3rd grade watching the clock tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.  It seemed like an eternity until recess!  My Mom said  ”the older you get the faster time … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Banana Muffins – Vegan

On Saturday our entire family slept in until 8:00 am!!!  If you have small children, then you know this is quite an accomplishment.  Miss Mya and I were up for a few short minutes at 5:00 am, but I’m still … Continue reading

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Blueberry Spinach Oat Crumb Cake

Yes, really this is a thing!!!  Blueberries – yes.  Spinach – alright. Oats – uh huh.  Cake – yes, ma’am! Put it all together in one dish and you have a surprisingly tasty sweet treat!

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Green Monster Juice

I’m so excited about this post today!  It’s not really anything special…it’s a smoothie in a little cup.  But WAIT, there’s more!  It’s a green smoothie in a mini cup rimmed with dark chocolate!!

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Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Frosting

Those of you that know me or follow along with my recipes know that I really like healthy food.  I mean I actually enjoy it!  Love the way it makes me feel, allows me to button my pants and gives … Continue reading

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Vegan Chunky Monkey Cookies AKA Peanut Butter, Banana, Chocolate Cookies

Today I have a Recipe Post Re-do.  There is nothing wrong with the original recipe.  BUT I made these the other day and just decided to take some new pictures.  I thought it deserved a re-do, a fresh look, if … Continue reading

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Cashew Cream with Fresh Figs and Chocolate

What do you do when you go to your Mom’s house?  Do you open the refrigerator, hungry or not, just to see what goodies await you?  Well, I do.  The last time I was at my Mom’s house, I was beyond excited … Continue reading

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Nut Butter and Strawberry Tortillas

I have a secret to tell you… I’m kind of obsessed with tortillas.  Not really sure why.  But I love them with breakfast, lunch and even as a snack.  Now I don’t just chow down on a plain tortilla.  I … Continue reading

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Kale Freezer Pops

I love summer time!  I love the goodies that come along with summer time…flip flops, shorts, swimming, boating, icy frozen cocktails.  Erp!  Well, actually ever since I started my trip to Mommy Land, the frozen cocktails seem to be a … Continue reading

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The Healthiest Ice Cream EVER!

Have you heard about Banana Ice Cream?  aka Banana Soft Serve, aka blended frozen bananas, aka THE HEALTHIEST ICE CREAM EVER!  Okay, so I thought everyone knew about this.  But recently I was talking with a group of people about banana ice … Continue reading

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