Toddler Foods

Welcome to the toddler phase!  There is so much excitement and mess and, yes, frustration during this phase.  It is exciting because our wee tots are actually becoming more like real people – attitudes and all!  This is the time to really set the stage for your children’s eating future and provide them with healthy wholesome foods at every meal.  Once your child has left the baby stage and entered the toddler years, it’s time to bring on all the flavors, tastes and textures!  Remember there are still some “rules” out there about certain foods that should be avoided until age 2 like honey and nuts.  Do your research and talk to your pediatrician and decide what is best for your child.  Personally, I’m going with little bits of everything in moderation.  I will be posting recipes here as we come across successes in our kitchen.


Lunch and Dinner

Snacky Snacks and Sweets




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